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An easy, fast, and professional way to generate man-hour estimates and create elegant proposals for software development projects.

crm functionality

Extensive functionalities that allow software development companies or freelancers to automate daily sales activity, store client details, track negotiation status, appointments, notifications, and more.


Simple and easy to use online scheduler to manage personal events, appointments, and project work load.
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Software project proposal creation

  • Clear step-by-step editor to generate software project proposal
  • Covers all technical aspects of project proposals
  • System architecture section with graphical schemes
  • Rich functionality to break work scope down into stages, tasks, and sub-tasks
  • Detailed man hour estimation tool
  • Delivery schedule with milestones
  • Financial section with various options based on information from the technical section
  • Clear and flexible budget calculation
  • Every proposal generated with user’s company colors and corporate style
  • Every proposal with examples from portfolio, references, and other company details
  • Proposal can be downloaded in PDF or Doc format or sent via e-mail
  • Export data in MS Project file
  • Proposal status tracking and management
  • Stores all project-related documents and files
  • Ability to edit proposal editor settings
  • Different access rights for different staff members

CRM functionality

  • Any functionality needed to automate sales activity
  • Add and edit client cards with details
  • Negotiation status updates and history tracking
  • Appointments and reminders
  • Personal calendar for every user
  • Create project details for special clients
  • Store all files related to clients and projects
  • Client and user notifications
  • Export client information
Success Stories
quoteIt has been great addition to our daily activity focused on getting software development projects and business development for many years. Getting new projects and clients is now much easier and the proposals created through this portal look much more professional and attractive. The CRM functionality keeps track of our sales activity, maintains a list of potential clients with a negotiation history, stores all related files and documents, generates appointments, prepares proposals, etc. - all in one system. We are even gradually adding more functionalities to cover all aspects of software vendor business development. We sincerely want to share it with everybody since we believe that it can truly benefit the industry of custom software development and help make it more effective.quote
Nick Rogozhnikov, CEO, Yumasoft
quoteBeing a large custom financial software company, it is important that we optimize a variety of internal business processes. Every day, we get large numbers of RFP from our clients, our technical analysts perform deep requirements analyses and estimate work scopes, then our sales department prepares proposals and sends them to clients. Since so many people with different responsibilities are a part of this process, we use the SW Proposal portal. It has substantially helped us avoid mistakes in handling RFPs and track proposal creation as well as sales activities.quote
Alex Phelps, Director of Sales, ETNA Software
quoteWe are convinced that one of the best sales methods is bidding. In markets with lots of competition, it’s very important to create professional software proposals to win. SW Proposal helped us find our unique style of proposal creation and, in addition, optimize our business processes. We definitely recommend the service to IT companies and freelancers!quote
Nikolay Sapunov, CEO, Fora Soft